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  • Fleming Flyer 9/21/2018

    Posted by Jillian Aldrich on 9/21/2018

    Fleming Flyer 9/21/2018

    Here's the Scoop

    Upcoming events of note:

    All dates are now located on the Main Page of our new website at EWSD.org/FLE

    Wednesday, September 26th - Open House 6:15-7:30pm

    Friday, September 28th-  School Photo Day !

    Friday, September 28th -  Principal's Coffee Chat @ 8:00AM

    Wednesday, October 10th -National Walk to School Day

    Thursday, October 11th -Photo retake day as needed

    Friday, October 12th- 4th Grade Egg Drop 1:30 PM

    Wednesday, October 17th - PTO Fall International Harvest Potluck & Game Night 5:30-7:30

    Light the Night Light the Night- Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser

    Staff and volunteers from The Burlington Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society presented at our assembly on Wednesday September 5th.  They educated students about Leukemia and Lymphoma and invited students and their families to participate in the Light the Night Fundraising Walk in Burlington on September 28th at 6PM starting at Edmunds School Gym in Burlington.

    This cause is especially important to us this year as we have a student at the Fleming School being treated for Leukemia.  This walk is a great way for students and their family to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It is not necessary to contribute money to participate in the walk. We would love to have as many Fleming families participate as are able.   For more information you can go https://pages.lightthenight.org/uny/Burlingt18/ColeFightWin or contact Ms. Ready in the Fleming Health Office or Mr. Guilmette.

    Announcement Fleming PTO:

    *Save the Date*

    PTO Fall International Harvest Potluck & Game Night

    Wednesday, October 17

    5:30-7:30pm @ Fleming Cafeteria

    Bring the whole family to share dinner & play games at this free Fleming event!  

    Provide a favorite dish or dessert to share and a game to play. Also plan to browse the Scholastic Book Fair which will have evening hours in the Learning Center. You are welcome even if you don’t sign up for food. There will be plenty to eat and fun to be had! Stay tuned for the sign-up link.

     Box Top Collection:Hip to Clip

    With about a month left to go in our competition for box tops here is where each class stands:

    Mrs. Coviello's Class: 225    Mr. Kenny's Class: 200

    Mrs Lee's Class: 125            Mrs. Lemnah's Class: 100

    Mrs. Songer's Class: 100     Mrs: Auch's class: 81

    Ms. Guntulis' Class: 75        Mr. Guilmette's Class: 50

    Mrs. Osborne's Class: 25    Mrs. Hopper's Class: 25

    Mrs. Downing’s Class: 0      Mrs. Osborne's Class: 0

    Kenny's class is catching up quick! Can his class knock Mrs. Coviello's class off the top? What about Mrs. Downing's class? Is she going to hand in 2,000 box tops right at the end to slay the competition?  The suspense is killing me!

    Keep up the good work!!! So far this is a total of $ 234.60 raised for our school so far. Please keep them coming in! This competition will run until October 16th. The Class with the most we be rewarded with a pizza party!!!  


     Miss McClintock and Elisha

    News from Miss McClintock:

    This year once again, Fleming is raising money for a boy named Elisha. Elisha is an orphan in Tanzania who Miss. McClintock met 5 years ago. We take for granted sometimes being able to go to school and get a good education. For the last 5 years Fleming has sponsored Elisha so he can go to school and get an education. On top of paying for school the money raised covers his food for the year, school supplies, including clothes, and health care. Elisha is a beloved member of the Fleming community. Miss. McClintock visits him often in the summer, and during the school year pictures and updates are sent and shared with the kids. There is a collection bucket in the gym. The school goal is to reach $600 in the next 2 weeks. Every penny counts!


    News from the Guidance office

    Welcome to the 2018/2019 school year! My name is Amy Bigelow and I am excited to return for my 19th year as Fleming’s School Counselor!


    I am currently teaching lessons in the following classrooms for 9 weeks: Kenny, Coviello, Guilmette, Downing, Guntulis and Songer. These lessons focus on various topics throughout the year. These first 3 sessions, I have read several books on being kind and respectful towards others (“Buckets, Dippers and Lids” and “Judgemental Flower”), and this week has focused on a book series called, “Weird, Dare and Tough”. These books center around “bullying” and the different perspectives from each character (the target, the bystander and the person who bullies).


    This week and next, Mr. Ryan and myself will go into each classroom to do a lesson on What is Bullying/Harassment. Students will be bringing home a paper to parents this week in their Friday Folder, describing what we are teaching the students.  Please feel free to call Mr. Ryan or myself with any questions.

    Spelling Bee

    Spelling BEE News:

    Each fall, Amy Bigelow coaches our Fleming School 5th grade Spelling Team. Our team of 6 students compete against other 5th and 6th grade teams in the Vermont Principal’s Association Spelling Competition, which is held at the beginning of November. Eighteen, 5th grade students took the test this week and they all did a fabulous job! The following students scored the highest on the test and will be members of this year’s

    Spelling Team: Ryan Alamatouri, Drea Shepard, Holden Friesel, Emma Hodgson, Sophia Lu, Jacob Law. Congratulations!


    Fleming School Photo Day - Our students will have their individual school photos taken by our Lifetouch photographers next Friday, September 28th beginning at 8:15 AM Lifetouch has apologized for not being able to have these photos taken at our prior photo day date due to technical problems with the photo equipment.

    School Traffic Safety-  We are continuing to have some problems with the safe pick up of students after school. PLease read and follow the safety procedures highlighted in the safety letter sent home for the second time today in the Fleming Friday Folder.

    Fleming School Open House- All students,parents and guardians are invited to attend our school Open House next Wednesday evening from 6:15 PM to 7:30 PM. The program will begin with a welcoming and introduction by Principal Daniel Ryan at 6:15 in the school gym. Following this welcoming session ( approx. 6:30 PM) students will escort their parents/guardians to visit their classrooms and talk about their learning opportunities in the many classrooms and learning spaces they spend time in across the school.


    Volunteers Welcomed:

    We are always looking for volunteers at Fleming school for in-school assistance and field trip chaperoning! If you would like to volunteer at Fleming School this year, we ask that you please go to the school website and read about how to volunteer at Fleming School, and complete the online application and background screening. This form needs to be done annually, so if you registered last year, you will need to do it again this year. We would greatly appreciate volunteers to work in our library-media center this year. Please contact our new school librarian, Carrie Speranza to learn how you could help her in the library.

    Fleming School Mission Statement:

    Provide an education which challenges, nurtures, and supports each learner as a whole person, and offers them broad opportunities to engage in learning in a creative, safe, healthy, and equitable learning community.

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